Davido’s day to pay the taxman has come.

The Lagos state government have decided to tackle high-profile tax defaulter in the state and ‘Mr. 30 million for the account’ is no exception.

Davido, who has record deals with Sony Music Entertainment and endorsement agreements with various companies in Nigeria, has not been filling his tax returns.

For a guy that makes lots of cash you wonder why it tool the LAgos State Government to catch up with him.

he Lagos government official even quoted the amount of money he made from a recent concert which was 500 million Naira and so they want to know how much he paid to the government as tax.

He said,

“Davido said he made 500 Million Naira from his 30 billion Naira concert recently. We must know how much he paid as Tax.”

Of course he went forward to deny the allegations saying he has always paid his taxes since he is originally from Lagos.