The fast rising group; Ethic Crew and the hitmakers of the viral song `Lamba Lolo’ have been exposed and accused by their former manager and events organizer Telehmani for being greedy and unprofessional.

According to Telehmani, he agreed with the ethics crew that he would manage them for a year and if things did not work out, they were to go their separate ways. However, the `Lamba Lolo’ hitmakers could not understand why he was to get a percentage of their hard earned money. Telehmani went on to reveal that just like any other manager, he paid their cab fare and organized gigs for them.

Apparently, through some tweets the said manager wrote, the popular guy Swat, has been booking events for Ksh.2,000 without informing him. He goes ahead to reveal that at one time, one of the ethic crew member beat up a guy during the Nasty C concert and being the good manager he was, he bailed him out since none of his friends were willing to spend a single coin on him. However, when reached out for comments, the ethics crew claim that no contract was signed and any rant by Telehmani is a lie since he was always given his fair share after the gigs.

“Hatukusign contract yoyote,hio agreement ilikuwa tu by word of mouth. Anachukuanga percentage yake. Argument ilikua personal issues zetu, sasa sijui kwa nini anarant.’’

The said manager, Telehmani confirmed that everything he had tweeted was what he had experienced with the fast rising kids on the block but were not informed about how the entertainment industry worked even with them booking gigs for only 2000.