Larry Madowo who is a presenter at NTV is not everyone’s cup of tea. His beliefs, writings do not rub off most people the right way.

The chap is known for spending his money  globetrotting and his no-nonsense interviewing skills.

It has however not been a smooth sail for him especially after writing an article about the government shutting down media houses and the Nation Media Group decided not to run it.

Since then he has been seen up and about cozying up to other media houses and most of them are international media houses.

He has often than not appeared on CNN a couple of times. The latest was him on CNN speaking to Isha Sesay  who’s a presenter about Black Panther and it’s representation.

He is striving for the better and breaking a lot of stereotypes surrounding media houses.

We can’t be more proud of him but is he preparing to leave NTV for good ?

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