Leaked Top 5 Songs About To Blow!! From Bobby Shmurda, A$AP Rocky, T.I and More!

On Varcity, we like to keep you in the know. From fashion to entertasinment, we need to keep you in the know. We stumbled upon some fresh hits that are about to fill the airwaves and you have the front seat!! Check out the collection and download the quick!!

1. Rowdy Rebel featuring Bobby Shmurda and Too Short “She all about the Shmoney”

This guy always seems to hit the right spot. This record is one of the best Rowdy Rebel or Shmurda has yet produced, thanks in large part to Jahlil Beats’ propulsive “Triggerman”-sampling beat. Shmurda’s verse isn’t particularly quotable compared with “Hot Nigga”—and this is unlikely to replicate its success—but it has the same raw energy, at any rate, that drew folks’ attention in the first place. Also, the beat knocks so before you press play, ongeza hewa!!

2. A$AP Rocky “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2”

“F*cking Problem,” A$AP Rocky’s only hot release, was a fully packaged Drake record that benefited greatly from the 2 Chainz hook and multiple star appearances. But “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” is the rapper’s first shot at a legitimate crossover hit that stays true to the A$AP’s historically and regionally minded sound. This song arrives in the wake of the tragic passing of A$AP Yams, who was in large part responsible for the breadth of the A$AP Mob’s aesthetic, which makes its likely success that much more poignant.

3. Jeremih feat J Cole “Planes”

Any girls fantasy come true. When you hear J. Cole say “dick so big it’s like a foot is in your mouth,” you’ll wish he’d kept it that way. It’s a really strong record, gradually building in sensual tension to a release which never comes—all foreplay. It’s probably worth noting that the song sounds very strong, two thumbs up from me.

4. The Dream Feat T.I “That’s my Sh*t”

The-Dream’s had a pretty spotty hit record since his third album, 2010’s Love-King. Although fans have intermittently claimed a “return to form” every time he’s dropped a new release, few of those songs had the staying power of his earliest pop records. At his best, his distinct melodic sensibility suggested a soul overloaded with emotions too large for words, which justified his charming, tossed-off lyrics. His newest record, the T.I.-assisted “That’s My Shit,” is his first true return to form: Musically, it’s understated rather than grandiose, not far from his origins as the songwriter of the similarly titled “Shawty Is da Shit”. This time, T.I. takes Fabolous’ place as the guest rapper du jour. For more T.I. R&B guest raps, make sure to check Anthony Lewis’ incoming hit “It’s Not My Fault,” certain to follow The-Dream up the charts.

5. Rich Gang “In This Game”

Quan and Thug compliment each other so well it’s made many of their solo moments seem slight in comparison—at least when it comes to their crossover work. Quan’s “Flex,” for example, is similar. But “In This Game” feels like the future. It weds Thug and Quan to the uptempo West Coast “ratchet” groove—a shift away from the slower tempos of London on da Track’s Atlanta-centered sound. The little synthesized bleeps in the beat’s background echo Kid Ink and Chris Brown’s “Show Me,” in that they both suggest the ambiance of Robin S.’s 1993 house hit “Show Me Love.” In this case, though, all of the lushness of Kid Ink’s record has been drained. Instead, it suggests open space, keeping it of-a-piece with Rich Gang’s earlier work.

There you have it. The top 5 songs you are about to hear in almost every bash! Which is your favorite song? Let us know below.

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