This comes after the government fails to counter demands tabled by lecturers. The lecturers have issued a seven-day strike notice.

The Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) met other councils where they were to find whether the government had fulfilled their demands as agreed on February 13th 2018.

The UASU secretary General Dr. Constantine Wesonga said the lecturers would carry on with the strike as outlined as they were left with no other choice after the government failed to fulfill their demands.

The strike is set to begin on Thursday, March 1st and remain till the CBA (demands) is concluded.

The union has expressed its disappointment in the government failing to fulfill their promises always.

However Dr. Wesonga says that if the government had provided a counter proposal to extend the CBA so they can fulfill, the strike would not have gone on.

“The government is not acting in good faith’’,

he adds.