It is the fifth week now since learning began going down at the university named after one of the thriving tourism destinations in Kenya. There have been widespread complaints from students and members of staff whom have been trying to reach to the school’s administration at Maasai Mara University but their efforts are in vain.

Amid intimidation and silencing students, one student leaked out a list of information on what has been going on in the school since the beginning of the current semester that has reached to rants on social media shaming the school administration for the acts.

It is alleged that it is more than a month since part-time lectures went on strike since there were huge debts they were demanding from the school. This therefore has left students with inadequate teaching stuff.

Aside from that, the university initiated the online system where students are each assigned portals to register units, view results, check school fee balances and make enquiries. The system is commonly known as SMIS (school information management system) and was introduced during the semester in which students have not yet familiarized themselves with but are still being charged an extra amount of money due to familiar to do registration of courses within the first week. To register courses online means a student is needed to pay school fees in full. Some are not able to pay by the first week and therefore being punished for that reason which is openly unrealistic.

Accommodations arrangements were also listed among the complaints whereby a student who requested anonymity said that the department’s personnel are selling rooms instead of allocating them to students. Furthermore, most of the rental houses nearby school belongs to the same people who want to loot from the poor students

Attempts made by student by either way of dialogue with the administration or the alternative common to them, striking have been fruitless has the school has always dismissed their cries as rumors. Moreover, any student who makes attempts to complain are identified, picked and suspended.

Despite these, students say their VC. Prof. Mary Walingo and the Registrar of academics Dr. Fredrick Onyango are well aware of the problems but are silent about it!