LeBron James helps Cavaliers demolish Celtics


LeBron James was at his best when helped Cleveland Cavaliers beat Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference yesterday. Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens had warned his team of the impending danger that might be brought by LeBron James. According to CBS Sports, Stevens said that once LeBron James gets past his team’s defense they will be toast.

Al Horford who is a center for Boston Celtics could not help but just witness as their defense got torn apart by LeBron. By halfway through the first quarter Celtics were already trailing by double digits. The game was proving to be difficult for them due to the coordination between LeBron and his Cavaliers’ teammates.

Celtic did try to come back in the third quarter reducing the deficit to bring the score to 17 points to Cavaliers’ 28. This did not seem to scare the Cleveland Cavaliers as they went on to win the final frame with 117 points to Celtics’ 104. LeBron James also managed 38