Leo Finally Bags An Oscar!


Good things wait but Leonardo Di Caprio as well as his fans must have felt like he waited too long for this one. He first hit the screens with the emotional movie Titanic which most people would know him for. Aside from this role, Di Caprio has continuously outdone himself in movies like Romeo and Juliet, Gatsby, Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street among many others.

However the renowned actor has waited 22 years to get an Oscars award after a number of nominations. In 1994 he was nominated for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? , in 2005 for The Aviator, in 2007 for Blood Diamond, in 2014 twice for The Wolf of Wall Street (Best Actor and Best Picture).

His nomination this year for The Revenant got him his long awaited limelight. As one of the best actors in Hollywood, anyone would agree that he deserves it.