Leo Has Rihanna Right Where He Wants Her – See Why Here.


If the rumors are to be believed the 40-year-old actor is “hitting all the right spots” for Rihanna, 26,who has now reportedly made him a big promise about her body and saving it for love – but not like you might think. Apparently she wants a new tattoo on her body – but he has asked her to hold off on getting inked until she is in love. Rihanna has always been the type of girl who does whatever she wants, when she wants. She wants a new tattoo on her body, but she’s stuck because Leo asked her to promise him she won’t let the needle touch her body until she falls in love again. She’s a woman of her word and she’s sticking to that.

“He wasn’t possessive and that blew her mind. She thinks he’s playing some type of mind game with her and she’s intrigued by it. Rihanna loves a challenge, and he’s unlike the dudes in her past, those were boys. This is Leo,he’s something else. He’s hitting all the right spots and I’m not talking between her legs. He’s making her feel good and stimulating her on an entirely different level.”

The couple have been hotly linked since they were allegedly seen kissing at a party at the Playboy Mansion by model and Playmate Carla Howe, who tweeted the news to her followers. However if they do become a full on couple it could see them become even more popular and influential than Jay-Z and Beyonce in the Hollywood power stakes.

Wow!! Do you think they r hotter than Beyonce and Jay-Z? Let us know..