So after a remarkable record with the Harlequins, Impala and International sevens, Leon Adongo drops the Gilbert and runs to to what he said ,”Has been my passion since primary school.” Rugby rogues, Leon Adongo is now an athlete!

With only three months of training, Leon kicked athletes to the curb at the National Relay series on Saturday when he finished first in the two hundred event and slipped to second place at the a hundred metre.

This might have come as a surprise for lots of people but not the ones who saw Leon’s brother also leave the league for American Football in 2013. Daniel Adongo left rugby and the country to play in the American National Football League for the Indianapolis Colts.

Could this be a case of budding talent? Leon says that athletics has always been a favourite for him since he was young; rugby was a mere case of influence after studying in St. Mary’s for his secondary education.

His passion is quite evident when he steps into the tracks, his speed is outstanding for someone with minute training. His win in the two events has had him sail into the semi finals of the Relay series.

Well, I wish the 29- year old Adongo all the best in his new found prowess and, we never know, the Kenya athletics team might have just found for themselves their Usain Bolt!

By Rhoda Obala.