4 Lessons I Learned from Keri Hilson, Big Shaq and Horace Brown

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

With the terminal music Festival weekend set to start today, we have more than five international acts currently in the country including R&B singers Keri Hilson, Bobby Valentino and Horace Brown, UK based rapper Big Shaq and also UK based duo WSTRN.

The artists had a media briefing session yesterday where they also answered some of the questions asked by journalists and within that short period of time, one could easily draw a lesson or two from the international celebrities.

Here are some of the lessons I think one could learn from the artists;

Money and fame can’t buy happiness

One of the questions asked to Keri Hilson was why she chose to quit her music career while she was at her peak and what inspired her to start her organization. An emotional Keri at that particular time then revealed to the media that despite all the success she had made in her career she wasn’t happy at all and she even ran to depression at some point.

She stated that as a contributing factor to her quitting music so she could find something else that could at least make her happy. That just goes a long way to show happiness is not all about material things.

Make wise financial decisions when you can

A lot of celebrities live flashy expensive lifestyles which of course can lead them into making poor decisions. While answering questions Keri Hilson did mention that one reason as to why she has been able to take such a long break from the music industry is because she feels like she made great financial decisions when her career was doing well and she doesn’t have to worry about financial issues at all. We have seen many of our Kenyan artists fade out and end up living filthy lives there after and one wonders what they did with their careers when all was going well. I think that’s not only some good advice to the celebrities but also the youths as well.

It’s never a bad idea to share what you have if you can

I know sharing is no longer valued in this country especially with the kind of mean leaders we have always had who seem to only care about themselves and their close ones. However we still have a few good people left for example the case of Keri Hilson who has chosen to use whatever she has to try and bring joy to the less fortunate.

Being humble is Key

We have seen other African artists especially the Nigerian artists like Davido, Burna Boy and Tekno always trying to pull diva stunts whenever invited here, from walking out of interviews to skiving media briefing but to the contrary, these international acts who are by far bigger than the African artists were sort of humble and even enjoyed taking selfies with their fans at the KICC. We even had Big Shaq ignore his body guard who was trying to rush him out of the venue just so he could take some more selfies with fans.

See you all tonight at The Terminal Music Weekend!!!

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