Yes we have all been in that situation where a guy likes you but you don’t feel his vibe or that girl is starting to show interest but you’re already taken or you’re not really feeling her. The worst part about such a situation is the letting them down easy part. It’s like a road map of how your future relationship will be like.

This is how you properly go about with it, so listen carefully to avoid burning of property,taking off of earrings or a spree of your friends getting some from your crush as payback.

First, be gentle and kind. Rudeness only worsens the state of your relationship. Plus it ruins any chance you had of getting any kind of help from that person.

Second, don’t use cliché words like ” it’s me not you ” or any such archaic lines. They show the other person you’re demeaning them. That your condescending self doesn’t value them enough to tell them the truth.

Third, be honest about how you really feel about them or why you two cannot be an item. Explain your reasons observing step one and two and things will sail on smoothly.

Fourth and most importantly, leave space for a strong friendship. Explain that instead of parting ways and holding grudges over this you can use that energy to build an even stronger friendship that may or may not end up in dating, depending on the state you two are in. Remember to thank them for their love, affection and time.

It’s that simple, this will ensure your admirers know where you stand and their odds of being in a relationship with you while at the same time ensuring that your relationship is not tainted by hate regret or hard feelings. 🙂

By Stacey Nduta