I refuse to believe that a young person in this era can lack a source of employment, you may not agree. Why do I say this? My simple answer is innovation. Generation X or is it Y not even sure about that , whichever it is , it is filled with great minds and creativity seems to ooze out of them. A university education is a key player in shaping ones future but not everyone can be accorded with such a luxury. This point is where innovation comes in. When Daystars main campus in Athi River was started the land around it did not have much but if you view it now you will be surprised at its growth.

In school you need money for various things that are certainly not going to be in your parents budget so you find your hustle something that gives you money to partake in your ‘ extra curriculum’ activities. The student’s innovation brought the things found near the towns close to the campus vicinity. Inside the campus when you need to buy food there are hostels with the provision for that, some ladies provide door to door services for clothes, make up and jewelry in the various hostels in the campus. There are students who took it a notch higher and set up shop outside campus: movie place, restaurants, boutiques and a mobile tattoo parlor .An acquaintance of mine started a play station 4 (I hear it is a big deal) gaming place: He invested a lot of money in it and he is seeing the returns, he came to Daystar to pursue a degree in communication why shouldn’t he leave with so much more than just a degree.

Let us not just sit down and wait to get an office job tap on your creative juices and use your talents to get your money, it is not written on stone that the course you did in campus will guarantee you a job.