Life Choices



A character of a person is defined by the decisions one makes when all could be lost , this sounds like something a parent would say but oh well let me continue with my train of thought. This is a girl’s perspective. My opinion is just that my opinion one is welcome to state their disapproval of my opinion, there are the good girls and the not so good girls. I think the one who created opposites to provide a balance in life. So the good girls like me, I feel the urge to put an emoticon here but I will suppress it. Back to the good girls, they tend to do no wrong in the eyes of society; if you are in my campus they are the ones who go to chapel, dress in a preservative way: I hope you get the drift. Then the not so good girl again I refer you to my opinion clause. The not so good girl is an aggressive one, it can be said that they try to outdo what the boys do; that is sleep with the most men, chug the most alcohol, smoke the most weed I could go on and on but I will not be getting to my point at that rate.

Mistakes build character so even the not so good girl has the chance to redeem themselves. I think sometimes the not so good girl decides to be oblivious to their surrounding, once a guy has their way with you or once you decide to prove that whatever a guy can do good or evil you can do it even better; you are forgotten like yesterdays news once you are done proving yourself. No one wants tainted goods everyone wants the crème de la crème of anything. What happens to the not so good girl once society deems them unworthy? In as much as we want to fight for gender equality ; a lady’s principles and morals outshines a girls need to be noticed I do not want to take us back to the Neanderthal age where a woman was to be seen and not to be heard . A guy can do all those crazy things and get away with it; more often than not a girl is left with a reminder of that point of their life.

That moment when all could be lost and you outshine that thought defines your character, your character is who you are after you realize you could lose a lot and you do not submit yourself to that realization. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie one of Africa’s greatest authors stated that we teach girls to tread carefully around men, so that the same mistake a man would make will not be accorded the same punishment if a woman did it. All in all I guess we all need to know that you do not owe anyone an explanation for your personal life choices.