Life In The Prefabs – What To Expect.

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2015)

Yes, prefabs, it’s a place you have to go through, if you’re in a public school, if not, you’re definitely at a loss. These pre-fabricated homes are  common in UON and it’s definitely a life changing experience!!!!

From teaching you how to combat bedbugs, if you’re at KU mostly though most campuses have em too, to perfecting the art of exiling up to four guys in order to spend a few mins of peace and quiet with your beloved. Those memories bring tears to my eyes. JK
Well, you get to share a room with up to 4 guys, all inclusive of necessary amenities such as the can and shower rooms. Can’t lie, you’ll see a lot of naked bodies accidentally that make you wonder if that’s how you look nude.
You get to cook with electric coils, coz the elec is free anyway so why buy a gas cooker?? If this is not your forte, there is of course the mess, where the food is questionably cheap and not easy on the tongue and stomach but hey, you’ll get used to it.
You experience theft of your favorite t-shirt which makes you decide to hang your clothes and keep watch of em. Yes, high-school all over!!!
Although, it does have its perks too.. Mostly during election period, which comes with free booze and edibles in exchange for a good shout of a popular name of a candidate running, this is  a fun experience, trust me!!
Oh, and when your lady comes over, if you’re good at what you do and she responds in cheer and loudly for that matter, you’ll most likely become the next Casanova of the school, ladies will be trickling in to see your prowess.
So, if you’re about to join, don’t look forward to this life too much, it comes with addictions and new hobbies as well, it’s a double edged sword but one you will not want to forget soon.

Have you experienced life in the prefabs? Or have you just joined them? Please let us know about your experience below.

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