Ones appearance would determine whether one is to give you a job or not and this is one thing that people keenly take interest into.

For those in the journalism career, especially ladies, your hairstyle tells alot about you and we have been proven wrong by one of the Standard Media Group journalist that you can have dreadlocks as a journalist that is if you know how to keep them neat.

On the screens, we always see female journalists putting on wigs and well, some even go natural so long as they are neat but we have never asked ourselves what lies under the wigs they only put on.

One could have never thought that Citizen news anchor, Lilian Muli would be having dreadlocks. And she recently decided to share the shocking news to her fans and followers and well, she looks pretty in locks.

Posting on her gram page, she shared photos of her not putting on the wig and she just looks fine with the dreads on her head.

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Dreadlocks are slowly becoming a common hairdo for both genders and they grow so fast.