Lilian Muli is one lady every person in Kenya loves to hate. Today is trending for all the wrong reasons. This was after she insulted a waitress at a restaurant in Nairobi.

As a frequent customer, she was blaming the waitress for poor service and was telling her how her attitude stinks. Speak of the devil as Lilian lashed out at her not caring whom was watching or listening as someone in the background shouted ‘Go to Kempisnki’ about three times while recording it on their mobile phone.

Kenyans on Twitter haven never been known to keep quiet on such an issue and have quickly jumped on the bandwagon, quick to attack Lillian:


When we contacted the management of the restaurant, this is what they had to say,
‘There was nothing much that transpired and the issue was resolved’.
When asked to comment further, they declined. Keep it Varcity for more news on this riveting incident.
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