Lisa Martinez Talks About Sponsors and the Source of Her Money

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

Last month saw social media vomiting all sorts of comments and reactions on who Lisa Martinez is and what she does. The young lady was seen lying in a bath tub full to the brim with tones of Kenyan notes, she also showered in expensive champagne. She came out clean in a video. But that didn’t quench our curiosity.  Yes, her real name is Lisa Martinez. It isn’t some Mexican soap effect. Meet the friendly and down to earth young lady.

Define your take on road to success, what is your story behind all that glitter?

I do real estate business. I buy and sell cars.

When you say “Hard work” what exactly do you do? now the question on everyone’s mind is “where does all that money come from?”

My work pays me at least 2 million per month, depending how many houses and cars I sell.

Like approximately how much is that?

That was around 20 million shillings in the bath tub.


How do you feel about the recent ongoing publicity?

I feel OK because I could not stop it from being public.

You say you are going to Montenegro to graduate? What did you study?

I studied law and politics.

Your mum… could you tell us more about her? She looks Italian or Russian, were you raised in Kenya?

My biological parents died when I was only two years old. I was adopted by a woman from London whose husband is Italian. My foster mother helped me start my business.

Do you have other siblings? If so, tell us a bit about them.

Yes, I have siblings. They are white like my foster mother, one actually looks like me. They are all in school abroad.


What’s your opinion on young ladies and their sponsor relations?

I would encourage every lady to stop getting sponsors because at the end of the day, that sponsor will not become your husband. For me, I have only dated one person ex jaguar.

Dudes out there probably asking, “Are you dating or Naah”, “Do you share your money?”

Yes I am dating and I don’t play my man. Yes I share my money. I had 40 billion ksh that I got from my parents and grandpa then some from real estate and selling calls. I have several orphanages that I visit and I have two children am sponsoring, paying their fees. I am starting an orphanages soon.


 “What’s your age?”

I am 21 years old.

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