The ministry of education is set to scrap out some of the University Courses that no student wants to apply for.

This revelation came as Cabinet Secretary Of Education, Professor George Magoha released the list of students and universities they have been selected to join.

The CS called on the Commission for University Education to review the programmes, consolidate and scrap those that are unnecessary.

Surprisingly, out of the 314 students, only six of them applied to study law in the university. Over 70% of the students choose engineering or medical courses unlike in the past years.

Here is a list of courses and the name of Universities likely to be taken out:

1. African Nazarene University

Bachelor of Theology with a capacity of 40 students.


2. Co-operative University

Bachelor of social work and community development with a capacity of 300 learners.

3. Kirinyaga University

Bachelor of technology in mechanical ventilation and air conditioning with a capacity of 70 students.

4. Kisii University

Bachelor of peace and conflict studies with a capacity of 25

5. Kisii University

Bachelor of business administration with a capacity of 100

6. Kisii University

Bachelor of science in aquatic resources conservation and development with IT, the capacity of 25 students

7. Kisii University

Bachelor of science in natural products with a capacity of 30 learners

8. Meru University

Bachelor of science in environmental science and resource management with a capacity of 60 students

9. Presbyterian University

Bachelor of theology with a capacity of 50 students