The beef is on!! Bey T is going for Diamond’s bae and NRG radio host Tanasha Donna. This folows after Tanasha released a song ‘Radio’.

Bey T has come out to accuse fellow rapper Tanasha of stealing her catchphrase. The barely known artist was online recently to take shots on Tanasha who released her new jam “Radio” a few weeks ago, and claim she’s sampled a part of it from her music.

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According to the Bey T, Tanasha stole the phrase “Kenya to the World” and now she’s planning to release a diss tack on Friday directed to her.

“Someone tell Tanasha to stop wave riding” she wrote on her Instagram.

Tanasha was surprised and wondered why they cant support one another.

In the diss track, BeyT demands that Tanasha should stick to her radio career instead of depending on ghostwriters to take her through the music business. She also accused her of blocking her and pretending she doesnt know her in her DM’s.

The killer in the song is when Bey T says that all Tanasha’s got on her is pussy mileage!!

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Have a listen for yourself and tell us what you think.

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