Little Cab – New Alternative To Uber


Safaricom launched Little Ride Kenya 3 months ago, an upcoming taxi company that is working so hard to give Uber a run for their money.  It is more localized and convenient.


How Different is Little Cab from Uber?

The difference is that with Little Cab, there is a variety of cab category to choose from. First type is Basic are normal cars that are manufactured before 2009, while second category is Comfort cars are more comfortable cars manufactured past 2009, some of this cars’ number plates are KC something. Third category Lady Bug is like comfort cars but are driven by female drivers only, and they do not transport male passengers past 6pm.

How Does it Work?


You download the App from Google or play store and anytime you want to request for a cab, you just insert your pick up location and you can estimate your fare price before making a trip.

The App from play store is called Little Cabs. An avenue has been created for those who do not have smartphones. Non smartphone users can request for cabs using a USSD code which is *826# or those who do not feel like using the App at the moment or it can also apply to those moments when you are lacking data bundles.

What Makes Little Cab Unique?

According to their website; it secures cashless payment via mpesa. You get to be transported while using free Wi-Fi, the choice to listen to one’s preferred radio station; you may share trip details with friends and family. No price surges seeing live fare updates while on a trip and better yet, getting fare estimates before a trip.  Not only is there individual transportation, but also corporations. So if you haven’t tried this experience yet, head out and make transportation convenient.

Have you used Little cab? What was your experience? Tell us below.