Liz Ndegwa Nude Pics Vs #KOT


Kenyans on twitter had a field day when Liz Ndegwa’s nudes leaked on the internet. Sadly, the lady’s attempt at a “Kim Kardashian Nude challenge” was a major flop leading to people referring to her as a hippo and totally dissing her boobs.


Others said that Liz is looking to be a “shosholite” (which totally cracked me up). Some however urged her to sue the person responsible for the leak. Liz even made an attempt to justify herself in a tweet saying, “Shit happens but life must go on.”


Poor thing did not even trend on twitter-or anywhere. She played the victim, accusing her ex-husband Masaku of leaking the photos.

However, her profile picture on twitter has a similar background to the nude selfies that leaked which makes me think that maybe this is a search for attention gone wrong.

Here are the comments:

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