After How Long Do You Stop Using Condoms?

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2015)

We all know the answer we should say, however, during the weekend I went around various campuses and asked students when they think is the right time to stop using condoms in a relationship. The answers I got were alarming! It seems most people never use condoms even to begin with!

I then took to social media and got similar answers. They varied from;

That depends where I know the person from


Kama namtrust, hakuna haja ya ma CD from day one

I’m not sure if it the alarming number of people using birth control that makes it easier to have sex with the knowledge there will be no consequences. My mum always  told me “nowadays girls are more worried of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/AIDS”! I thought this was a fable but after these results, I now see its true.

These are some of the craziest answers I got from different people on social media platform;





The harsh reality is people have a phase where they use protection until their comfortable enough to stop, this despite research showing that the highest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS are in relationships.

So whatever you decide to do with your life, the reality is the decision really lies in your hands.

Utachora aje??? Make a plan and make sure all decisions you make will not affect the success of your plan.

When do you think its the right time to stop using condoms? Comment!


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