Looking For A Job? This Is What Employers Are Looking For In Your CV

Graduation is around the corner with another lot of graduates released into the world to tarmac for employment in a world where job vacancies are limited. The struggle is real and it’s got many seniors worried about what their future holds.
According to a report by the Corporate Staffing Survey, here is what employers are looking for in university graduates.


64.3% of employers are looking for people who have acquired some leadership skills. Most student who heold leadership positions in university clubs like AIESEC, ROTARACT, MUN or even senior posts in the student body have an upper hand at getting employed. Employers believe that leaders are outspoken, team players and take initiative thus would make better employees.


Most youth are just busy chasing paper. They don’t realize that volunteer work is actually important. Most don’t understand why universities set a certain amount of hours for community service. Here is one of the benefit of the unpaid hard work, 60% of employers think volunteers have a basic understanding of the employer expectation, office etiquette and behavior.
You can do this as you’re studying or even after campus. It’s not really hard to offer volunteer work in your field of study. I thought my grandfather was tripping when he suggested to me aN easy way to get experience. He said,
” As an engineering student/ graduate you can approach a person constructing a house and offer help without pay or even approach a civil engineer working on a Government project to build a road for free. He will give you a good recommendation and if you work well you might just get paid.”
After reading the report I can see he was right. I’m no engineering student so I’m sharing that advice with someone who is. Hope it helps you.


This is a bit too obvious. ‘Education is Key’ expresses this at it’s best. Of course with high education attainment you’re likely to get and keep a job. Most of our parents are still in school doing more degrees, masters, PHD’s, am I wrong? The more education attainments you have the better. If our parents don’t learn some more they’ll lose their jobs to the young fresh graduates.
Besides that, remember to attain the best of your degree. I’m aware that campus has a lot of derailment but get your priorities straight. A 1st class honors graduate is obviously ahead of you if you have 2nd class honors. 53% of employers consider this, so never stop learning.


This is the one thing that has that class nerd tarmacking while the class clown got the job. ”Education isn’t everything,..” my high school principal sang that song a little too much and I thought he was joking. Extra curriculum activities are a potential aspect 49.4% employers look at before hiring you. It shows that you can manage multiple obligations. You won’t be someone who is easily overworked and give output under strenuous conditions.


Foreign languages have become very essential to companies. Most companies are expanding globally and this would be a great job vacancy for people who are bilingual. I’m learning Arabic language and everyone thinks I’m just a potential Alshabaab or wasting time but… I once got an insight that French, Arabic and Chinese are the most marketable languages. So I wonder who’ll have the last laugh?

6% of employers out there, consider knowledge of foreign languages as an aspect in a job seeker.

I hope with that, you know what you need to help you stand out in the job market.
In a nutshell, acquire leadership experience, volunteer experience and participate in extra curricular activities like active participation in clubs and sports, have something to show for self initiative and other relevant skills.
Do you know of any other pointers job seekers look for? Let us know below.

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