First she holds a world championship, then she launches the very first tartan running track in Kenya and now she launches her own African women sportswear line… can this determined dame be stopped?

Lorna Kiplagat, the Kenyan athlete who too The Netherlands’ citizenship in 2003 after marrying marketing executive, Pieter Langerhorst, launched her sportswear line on Saturday with the first lady as chief guest of honour at the Galleria Mall in Karen. The first lady ha already signed up with the ‘Lorna’ brand and has been using its products during her high altitude training for the Beyond Zero charity flagship event to be held next Sunday.

“In my 20 years… I was looking for an apparel that would be fashionable and happy but I did not find any, that’s why i took the bold move and decided to launch mine,” Lorna says at the launch of her fashion line. Lorna has an outstanding record in the world of athletics and is commonly known for her three gold medal victories during the half marathons in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Osaka and Los Angles marathons.

The brand will not only produce sportswear but also organize runs, have coaches to support the development of the brand and athletes. This, the first lady says, is a step in the right direction for the new brand.

The ‘Lorna’ line is currently available at pop up shops at the Galleria Mall and hopefully permanent shops across Nairobi in the near future. its entry to the market will see it to compete with the big leagues such as Adidas, Puma, Mizuno, Nike among others.