habitsMost of the time, an action, if exciting and consistent, usually finds another definition, a habit. Habits are uncontrolled and sometimes unwarranted but they do happen. The occurrence is not a problem but letting go of it is the task.

If you are anywhere between high school and any year of university level a habit that you are against may be your biggest torture. A body that wants and a heart that deceits, is the world’s biggest state of confusion that you could ever go through.

A habit may vary depending on at what you are in life and what goes on around you. Put a university student in a hostel that has a drunk… but he himself is trying to quit the habit. You do expect them to lock themselves in a room and shut out the world but then walls have ears and they have a tendency of whispering the excitement to the next room so one way or another they end up craving for some of the fun.

To let go of a habit in the best case scenario would require to ignore the voices in your head but a word of advice, might as well go have a cookie at the top of mount Everest. Voices also have their own way of making themselves the only sense of reason and since there is no possible way you will close your ‘inner ears’, you will end up listening.

So as much as we would want o get rid of them, habits have voices, screaming In your head begging to be done just one more time and they end up convincing you it’s going to be the last time, be it alcohol, sex, bumming or certain friends, we all crave for them to go back to that which they came. We’ll that’s if your conscience is active. Best of luck dropping yours, you’re going to need it ( the luck not the habit) cheers.

By Humphrey Waweru