The skies had been clear throughout the week of love and on Saturday 18th February, the crystal skies signified an even more beautiful day ahead. Just four days after Valentine’s day, Varcity Piknik The Love Fest had promised to keep us in our love mood and boy did they deliver to the letter.

As food aromas began filling the air, market vendors as well as the set up team made their way up and down the lavishly green gardens of Park Place Hotel as they put all in place for the anticipating audience that had already began making its way to the venue located not too far from adjacent universities such as Catholic University and JKUAT Karen.

Being the thirteenth edition, Varcity Kenya continues to maintain its standards of curating an event specially for university students. This has been achieved mainly by having an artist lineup of upcoming bands from different campuses and creating a haven of relaxation through the Piknik Experience, with the Love Fest being the latest and most outstanding edition so far.

Andysaharan’s debut performance at the start of the show was what I’d call crowd-pleasing, energetic and the perfect storybook beginning to the Saturday night performances. His zeal, charisma and love for his fans was evident throughout his time on stage which left the crowd begging for more. He was an outstanding performer; what gen-z would put as “He ate and left no crumbs!”

Few minutes after the DJ mixes and hype, our favorite band from JKUAT University took the stage and reminded us why they are the ultimate best in the rhumba scene. Don’t know who I’m referring to yet? It’s none other than Artsy Culture! Ashleigh’s melodious vocals accompanied by Churchill’s psych created the perfect atmosphere to get everyone off their feet. And when it came to swaying our hips and blowing our whistles, not even the attendees in the VIP section were left behind.

At the top of the hour, the headliners of The Love Fest made their way to the immensely lit stage and the all the ladies went wild! The Leziki Music Boy Band comprising of Ramsey, Iyke and Omwami, dripped in their monochrome outfits, began their performance with the most heavenlike harmonies of the night. It was incredible to say the least but they still had more to come.

The most phenomenal moment was when they sang their recent single, Fall in Love Again, with their perfect melodies, hooks and dance moves. Their ability to share the love they received from their fans left us screaming at the top of our lungs. They would reach out, jump, dance and even chose a lucky lady to share the stage with them. It was a euphoric experience and left us wondering when we’d get to see them perform next.

Other performances included Kerario an RnB singer, Marion an amazing vocalist,  Adasa who is a renowned musician, Pilgrim who is a Nairobi based rapper and an amazing band by the name 6ixz Gang.

The downside of the event? Sadly there were a couple of sound issues during the DJ sets but all was thrown into oblivion thanks to the immaculate vibes of everyone in attendance.

The Love Fest was a great way to start the year and we can’t wait for Varcity Piknik’s next edition.

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