Lover Boy, Joe Rubia, The Kenyan Trey Songz


    Joe Rubia Maina is a 22 year old student of Production at Shang Tao College who loves to sing about love. He is among the artists keeping RnB alive, read what he has to say about his venture.

    1. When did you develop an interest in music?

    My story is a bit different. I am multi-talented, as a child I participated in music, dance and drawing and excelled in all tremendously. From a tender age my interest in music grew.

    1. When did you start singing?

    I knew I wanted to be an entertainer when I was about 8 or 9 years old so I began composing songs and trying to find my voice although as I grew into a teenager I laid off music. I would only sing in the shower or when I was alone. I was afraid of the mockery I’d face in high-school and focused on dance. It made me popular but as time went by the desire to sing out loud for everyone to know was burning and I knew I had to let it out. I discovered music can’t do without dance for me. Both crafts gel together making me who I am as an artist.

    1. When did you do start doing it professionally?

    When i was in Form 2 a friend took me to the studio.  I got the feel of how producing music feels like and in December 2013 I started recording. It wasn’t until early 2015 that I put a song out but it wasn’t professionally mastered so I took it down from YouTube. On 30th January 2016 I released my first music video, “Games” featuring an artist called Andre.

    1. What does your music speak about and what genre is it?

    Love, my perception of it. What i feel about women, what I’ve been through in relationships and other things that come with love such as trust, care and so on. Love is my muse.

    Other than love songs, I sing feel good music too, music that is all about dancing and having a good time, something to get people to let loose and have a great time.

    My music is RnB. Most artists nowadays describe their music as a fusion of a lot of musical genres and don’t have a solid description of their work. As for me music is a feeling and wherever the song takes you then follow that. My sound comes from RnB and Soul music. I’d say I’m an RnB Soul artist with a dash of hip-hop and pop.


    1. What or who inspires you?

    You know how you feel when certain songs and performances have impacted your life so much so that you look at the singers as bearers of a certain message in your life? Well that feeling is what makes me work on my craft because beauty in art grows into something magnificent which comes from mastering your art.

    Watching other greats make iconic and uplifting music inspires me a lot hoping one day I’ll spread love like that.

    Success stories of people who have built brands and empires from hard work also gets me pumped up and most importantly the feeling that I get when I pour out my heart singing and the sweat I break while dancing makes me feel whole.

    Growing up I looked up to Chris brown, Usher Raymond, Omarion, Boyz II Men,  Michael Jackson, Babyface, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, as I got older Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. They are great entertainers and song writers.

    1. What are the challenges you face? 

    I love dance just as much as I love singing but sometimes balancing the two can be hard as I have to be on my A game in both. The hardest part is incorporating the two in one performance. Now I can do it but it took a lot of practice and dedication. I will keep grinding to have them both in one package. Every time you want to describe Joe Rubia it’ll be an incredibly talented/gifted singer and dancer not just one of the two.

    I want to be an all-round entertainer and hopefully one day be among the greatest. Money is always a hustle but aside from that one of the main challenges is incompetent producers and video directors who instead of bringing your music to life, wreck it by poor production of both an audio and video. I’ve been victim to this and lost a lot of money and effort on a couple of audios and two music videos that cost me a fortune. Another challenge is being ripped off by some producers after paying them since they don’t finish producing your music.

    7. How do you overcome them? 

    The list is endless but my solution was going to school to learn and understanding everything that deals with production of both music and video which am still doing. I have a set team of video directors and my personal producers, and a professional studio for both music and video which is in progress and will be in completion by the end of the year and am really excited about that. Right now I can say I’m having an exciting professional and efficient time dealing with production of my music.



    1. What can you site as your major achievements?

    So far my major achievement was finding a manager that believes in me and what I do. Also being able to produce music, videos of high standards and that speak of the me I want people to see.

    MY MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE. The rest is in the future, i still don’t have any major headlining achievement.

    1. You are releasing a song soon, what are your expectations?

    The song is called “Better”.  It’s a really deep love song. It’s emotional yet catchy. I would say this is my most sincere song so far. It will be available to download on and streaming on and

    I see my future and know i need to be very focused and disciplined and that keeps me up at night. Fulfillment of all my dreams will come from me excelling in my career as an entertainer. I want a better life for myself family and friends. I believe in myself and the gifts that God gave me and i know one day I’ll sit among kings.


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