Lukenya University Freshers Coup!

Campus life has remarkable memorable moments. For some, most of the memories keep on trickling every time campo life is mentioned.

When the first years students at Lukenya University joined the campus in September, some were happy while others were overwhelmed with their new life. As a norm in Campo, fresher’s are always known by how they are dressed or how they conduct themselves.

Well three students from Lukenya did a video that was aimed to send a message to their seniors in the campo. The wanted the fourth years to acknowledge, first years are the one controlling the university.

A first year lady who also joined the ride had a lot to say to the Lukenya fourth years. She suggested they run the show at Lukenya University. For her, fourth years have nothing to utter but to listen to their command.

Unfortunately, when the fourth years at Lukenya got hold of the video, they had to remind the first years, they are still the Lion in the university. A group of boys gathered and took a moment to showcase to the freshers in the video their superiority powers.
Have you ever thought of a fourth year in university caning a fresher at the expense of proving superiority¬¬!  Well at Lukenya the young boys got a reminder of what they were looking for.

In the video we can really wonder, where the lady disappeared to, as we do not see the boys club disciplining her in public.
In the midst of the pandemic, here’s a taste of what is already happening in campo.




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