Lupita Nyong’o is going from the big screen to the printing press.


The “12 Years A Slave” star announced Wednesday that she’s writing a children’s book, “Sulwe.”

Sulwe means star in her Luo language.

“Sulwe is a dark-skinned girl who goes on a starry-eyed adventure, and awakens with a reimagined sense of beauty. She encounters lessons that we learn as children and spend our lives unlearning,” Nyong’o wrote on Instagram.


“This is a story for little ones, but no matter the age I hope it serves as an inspiration for everyone to walk with joy in their own skin.”

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“I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful. I put on the TV and only saw pale skin. I got teased and taunted about my night-shaded skin. And my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter-skinned. The morning would come and I would be so excited about seeing my new skin that I would refuse to look down at myself until I was in front of a mirror because I wanted to see my fair face first,”

she said.


With “Sulwe,” Ms. Nyong’o hopes to target children in these precarious years, that time between 5 and 7 years old when “you learn all the things that you spend the rest of your life trying to unlearn.” And while she recognizes the book’s attachment to her high profile name, she wants it to, ultimately, live beyond that fact and to help all children reimagine what it means to be beautiful.