Lust Over Love


Would you choose affection over intense sexual attraction? Are you the type of person who prefers red – hot sex rather than letting natural love unfold? Ordinarily we would all say love should precede lust but it does not. Like it is the case in this fast-moving world it is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy which unfortunately dissipates when the ’real person’ surfaces.

One tragic thing is that we are always unable to read in between the lines and tell if it is love or lust. Many of us get lost in between and cannot tell the difference between love and infatuation. So the best thing to do is have meaningless sex.

Let us do sex

If your partner is only interested in sex, but not in having intelligent conversations then you should be glad that at least he is obvious. The days of someone genuinely being into you are long gone so it is all about casual sex hookups. Niggas nowadays have little time for cuddling and acting all romantic.


It’s so sweet

Lust can be so tempting and it gives you the best feeling and thoughts ever about someone. Totally focusing on a person’s look and body is an indication that one prefers keeping the relationship on a fantasy level, and not the real feelings. And the best thing about lust is that it goes as quickly as it comes.


The Art of Seduction

Does he blow hot and cold? Then you don’t know how to make him lust for you endlessly. If you are waiting for love then you will cry all your life. Know how to use all of your senses and you will have him groveling for more. Sex yourself up.


Get steamy

Don’t let yourself die waiting for true love when there is someone you are drooling over and would die to have just for a moment in bed. Be kinky. It is sex with someone you’re salivating for…..of course you should let the freak flag fly high.


Whatever you do, just don’t mess up. Go out and have fun and stop crying in a dark room wishing for love to find you. Get sensual, explore your inner thoughts.

What do you prefer? Lust or love?