Students of Machakos University, located in Machakos County, today woke up to a strike that had been brewing since last week. The students were protesting about their recent elections of their student government.

Out of rage and disappointment, the students burnt down three offices of the administration block and dispersed anyone else who was not interested in joining them in their strike.

The students claim that the results of the elections were untrue and a lot of rigging was involved. Police from the nearby station arrived on time and allegedly shot one of the students as they tried to disperse the angry crowd.

More damage was witnessed from the three offices that were torched down since the fire extinguishers failed to arrive on time. This has therefore brought learning to a standstill and the institution has been closed down until further notice.

With the hash tag #MyIdeaOfAPerfectKenya trending, maybe other Universities should learn from this incident as more elections for the different student governments approach. Maybe the idea of a perfect Kenya can start from University students leading by example and showing the rest of the Kenyans that such situations can be handled in a civilized manner and avoid all the unnecessary commission and expenses brought about by strikes.