Wezere, Pinpong, Kadiabz, Dabas and Makwodoz are some of the few names given to the ever
so voloptuos and jucy African bottom. Never have we seen the ass being given all this publicity
until recently. Vera Sidika culd only be that local chille in the hood if it were not for appering on
P-Unit’s music video and later milking all the publicity that came with it. We are sure you know
more who are just as blessed but have not yet seen the lime light.

So why all this fuss about the sitting allowance of a lady? Does it really matter, the same way
chiles say that the size is a very huge factor when it comes to the ideal guy. The same applies to
the dude, they have to have something to grab on at all times.There has to be difference between
your back and bum area, if it all goes down like a slope, then you have something to be worried

This fascination with big and jucy buttocks did not just start yesterday, back in 1851 a lady by
the name Sarah Baartman had unusually large buttocks and genitals, and in the early 1800s
Europeans were arrogantly obsessed with their own superiority, and with proving that others,
particularly blacks, were inferior and oversexed.

Baartman’s physical characteristics, not unusual for Khoisan women, although her features
were larger than normal, were “evidence” of this prejudice, and she was treated like a freak
exhibit in London. She was ruthlessy treated and once guys were tried of her shows she turned to
prostitution but could not survive for long and died at a tender age of 25.
Several images have been developed since then showing different sizes of bums and the different
names given to each. Guys, which one do you prefer? Chillez, where do you fall?

By Snyder Akonya