So Madonna is in town, evident from her official Instagram account where she posted a picture of her and the first lady Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta and another picture that made Kenyans angry.


What was supposed to be a goodwill relief initiative turned into an internet war with Kenyans expressing their anger as a result of the picture of default in a drainage system also known as sewerage whose caption was interpreted as where Kenyans living in this rural urban settlements sourced their water from.

The pictured earned 36,000+ likes from her global fans, with 1000+ comments. She was labeled “those promoting poor Africa” like the rest of the celebrities who visit Africa and only show the not so good areas, ignoring what Kenya is actually good at, wildlife and nature perhaps?

Octopizzo, the artist who represents ‘namba nane’, Kibera’s finest, could not sit back as Madonna spoke ill of his home. He responded to her comments.


So Apparently when I was Away @Madonna came to Kibera and said we drink water from Mtaro,let me school you for a minute,it’s ok if you wanna fundraise and all that shit, Intelligence arouses fear and respect, the lack of it keeps one on the narrow minded road of disrespect, stupidity and inferiority complex. but next time do your research before you disrespect a whole community like that,am not a good writer but I wish I was there to tell you on your face. #Chocolatecity is home of talent,Hard working Women & Men, Beautiful amazing kids… You didn’t see all that? One who enjoys finding errors will then start creating errors. And to my Kibera people Don’t you ever! devalue yourself, you are the world’s most precious stone. #8Town #ProudKibera #8 #Nuafrica

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This saw Team Tergat fans respond in kind saying things like;

Madonna peleka stupidity huko‘ and ‘neva disrespect kibera again. anko octo atakuzingua. you heard dat‘.

Kweli, Kibera iko na wenyewe.

What do you think of this whle issue? Was Madge just taken out of context? Share your thoughts below.