This photo has lit up social media for obvious reasons.

A photo of Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege walking away as male MPs looked on has excited Kenyans.

In the photo, Sabina donning a bright colorful skirt suit with an iPhone in hand is walking away as Senator Murkomen follows behind.

But it is Kericho senator Cheruiyot’s direct stare that has led to many Kenyans speculating what the colleague might have been saying.

Photo of Alcohol bearing school girl goes viral

A photo of a school girl carrying a bottle of alcohol while aboard a boda boda has gone viral.

In the photo, the unidentified student in a green and white school-uniform, is riding on the passenger’s seat with a bottle of liquor protruding from the right pocket of her skirt.

The student, whose photo seems to have been taken by a motorist, gives the photographer a daring look.

This baby’s strange name is causing ripples online

The name Malaya is slowly becoming common for babies. On a popular FB page “Babies are beautiful” where photos of children are shared, the name Malaya is slowly getting common.

Well, in Swahili the name means prostitute but what many might not be privy to is that the name also has a Filipino meaning of free. In Kenya though, giving your baby girl that name would be setting her up for ridicule.

Uhuru speaking in State House

With the news of the general elections being nulified, Uhuru Kenyatta when holding a meeting in State House gave his thoughts on the matter. The video was later remixed by Kenyans.

  1. Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has graduated from driving a Toyota Celina to cruising in a Jaguar XF 2016.

Size 8 has now joined her celebrity husband to own an expensive British machine; DJ Mo bought a Range Rover sometimes in March this year after dreaming about owning the pricey SUV for a long time.

  1. Nigerians will always be funny.

This time round, Nigerians police decided to arrest a goat on suspicions of attempted armed robbery.

The police detained the goat claiming that it was an armed robber that had transformed himself using black magic into a goat so as to evade them. But unfortunately for him, the police ended up being the wiser.