Make a Change.


I am a revolutionist, ok that is over exaggerating but I feel like one if it is any consolation.
I rarely do anything selfless yes I have admitted that like the say the first step to solving a problem is accepting that it is there. I tend to look at the consequences, if they will cause me bodily harm and yes I do mean exactly that, fatigue, hunger et cetera. It is laughable but I am not going to justify it with my various reasons which are very viable.

I walked 5 km out of no one’s bidding but my own and I am so proud of myself. I have tried this walking thing before for a good cause I might add but it ended with me in a car by the 2nd km while the rest were on their feet. I would like to think this means I’ve grown up since then.
Drastic situations call for drastic measures so as to obtain expected results. You have to stand up for what you believe in. there is no place for fear in this thing called life.

I heard someone say that silence is betrayal ,when you let people trample all over your beliefs then that goes to show that you are denying your inner being the satisfaction it truly needs.
This 5 km walk showed me that anything is possible; I mean I walked 5km kilometers and I tried my best not to whine a lot. Sometimes the things that you see as impossible are the things that make you stand out.

By Ivy Waridi