The world has Hollywood to thank for the entertainment and so many other notable production houses that’s promoting and preserving film and TV productions. Africa has been trying, the likes of Nollywood and Bongowood who we can all agree are more theatrical than film based. Kenyan TV and film industry isn’t bad of, with the likes of Nairobi Half Life, Malooned and The First Grader.

What do you think of filmmakers in Kenya?

According to an upcoming filmmaker, he says there are no structures or laws that are clear on the guys in the film industry. When asked about the criteria they use to hire actors, since they highly influence the acceptance and viewership of a TV production or film, he answered that’s a challenge they face. That they should use a more serious guild and camping awareness to actors on the importance of such guilds to individuals. In other news, the local film and production industry needs the actor guild of Kenya to put more work in sensitizing the new and old actors to get them to join as members and more to actually safeguard their rights.

Five things You Should Consider Before becoming a Filmmaker

Famous Kenyan filmmakers such as Tosh Gitonga who is held highly for Nairobi Half Life, Malooned and The First Grader.

  1. Talent, not necessary just good at story telling. You have to identify stories that would appeal, stories that would capture interest and attention.
  2. Sufficient funds. The whole cost for a good quality film will cost you quite a fortune. The physical resources, human resources and financial resources to come up with a successful TV production
  3. Effective and credible production team. You need people who are competent. People who have both personal and professional integrity. It also entails the ability to identify  the right productive team
  4. Distribution channels. Once you get an avenue to showcase your work, it becomes easier and more effective to distribute the film. A credible media house can be good to disseminate the story
  5. You have to have good information on the film industry so as to get licensing. You need to be keen and detailed, this can be achieved through thorough research.

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