From time immemorial guys have always been considered the hunters and ladies the prey, I would say. The hunter makes the first move, always, and the prey waits to be ‘taken’. Ladies have had that one rule in their love life; You wait to be wooed. Do not send signs, do not act stupid for attention, just be numb and wait for the guy to approach. The trends are changing each day and that tag on twitter just proved it. Ladies are tired of waiting for these clueless sometimes good for nothing guys to come knocking on their love door!

In support of this trend I would say it is fine for a lady to ask a man out for dinner! It wouldn’t hurt to shower the guy with gifts girl. Get into a Matatu if you can and do not put earphones in your ears. Survey for a seat, near a handsome guy.  Walk and go sit next to him. Say hi and trust me no guy denies greetings from a lady. Small talk is important so bring up a topic. Music and Movies can be interesting topics but also you could guess any other topic depending on his dress code, language and the route he’s headed. No offence, but you can’t bring up Game of Thrones when he’s headed to Kangemi or Kikuyu!

The conversation eases most guys into the mood of asking for your address and in this case cell number. It’s a smooth transition and before you know it he’s blowing your phone with text messages! Voila! You get a boyfriend and it seems easy as pie.

You could also find him on twitter. Mention him on various tweets, quote his tweets and laugh all over his posts like it’s the funniest comedy central all over again! If he doesn’t notice it because of ‘Boy child’ issues pull a Yo Gotti and slide down in his DM. It never hurts to try.

Tweets about Men being trash only point out to the weakness in the gender equality initiative that has now been left to bitter feminists. Surprise that guy buy cooking nice meals when you visit him. Cook nice round Chapatis for him. Food is always a bypass to any guy’s heart, and if you can cook nice round Chapatis, of course I love Chapatis, you could meet his parents sooner than he can spell ‘Mediocre’.

Guys also get tired of siphoning signs from girls. It becomes confusing at times because most of them have been slapped when they try to hug ladies! Take the wheel girl and show the world what your mama gave yah, in this case what Twitter has taught you. Last time i checked Wikipedia the ratio of man to woman is 1:1, so please get your man!