Make your hostel more homely

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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Sometimes as we pursue education, we are required to move away from home in to a hostel as we attend our classes in a foreign county or country. Hostel are often known for being messy, dirty, untidy and cramped but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Being a student, you obviously do not have all the money in this world to chase the best decor material or options so here is how you can make your hostel feel more like home on a low budget. You can actually do some of these things yourself. #DIY

Big poof pillows

Pillows are idea for sitting and just chilling as you watch movies on your laptop or study. They are mostly ideal for when you have friends over at your place as not everyone would be comfortable sitting on your bed. They really come through when you have many people over, one big pillow can be sat on by two people. You can also get really cute covers to make your place more attractive. Go for fabrics that do not have to be washed every so often.

DIY Tyre seats

Finally, a use for all those tyres lying around back home or behind the hostel. You can easily make yourself a tyre seat in which you can store books as well. Get an old tyre, spray paint it and get a beautiful cushion to cove the hole and voila! You have yourself a seat.

Hook it

As simple as they look hooks really come in handy when you need to save on space and help keep your small house organized. You can hang coats, handbags, decorations, jewelry, keys and anything important on your walls using hooks and you can get them for as little as 70 bob for a pack.

DIY pallet bed

If you can’t afford a bed, you do not need to put your mattress on the floor. it can get pretty uncomfortable and it only gets worse during cold nights. If you can access pallet boards, you could set them down on the floor and place your mattress on top and sleep comfortably.

Decorate using the small stuff

From ties to buttons to pegs to plastic spoons you could use your free time and use these items to decorate and make your hostel feel more cosy.


Pinterest can be of great help when it comes to this.




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