02The male soap; Arsene Wenger is really pissed by Mata’s move to the mid table Manchester United. “I am surprised because Juan Mata is a great player and Chelsea sell a great player to a direct opponent,” he said yet he’s the same guy that sold RVP to Man U (which was a great team and rival by then, hehe). Maybe Sun Zu told him in his dreams that Mourinho sold Mata to Man U in order to strengthen them against Arsenal to Chelsea’s advantage. Wenger even went farther to welcome Moyes to his (Wenger’s) past way of life- losing. This is what he said to Moyes after Man U was knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Sunderland (Sunderland?) “You have to survive massive disappointments and keep your belief high in what you do because to win is easy for everybody. How to live with defeat (for 8 years), that is what managers are about, and  David Moyes is strong enough. For me he deals with the situation very well.” Mourinho responded to Wenger with his usual artillery “ Wenger complaining is normal because he always does, it’s something we know…if he sold Mesut to Man United, I would be very happy because they lose a good player, but Wenger will complain and say it’s not fair”

As the two argued, Moyes (the Everton inside man so determined to help Everton finish on top of Man U ) was busy scouting Dante and Kroos in Munich. Word is out that he left some unforgivable social damage in Munich (home of beers- Bavaria) as he opted for a crate to relieve his stress- of course he is not stress-immune like my man Wenger. Wake up man, this is just fantacy.

BY Slither Bee