Samson Mihindo Waitha caused commotion in the streets of Nairobi on Tuesday 17th July when he chained himself on Tom Mboya’ statue after his  efforts fell on deaf ears. He is said to have chained himself on the statue after he failed to get his compensation claiming he was electrocuted at Jubilee headquarters during the 2017 campaigns.

Apparently, Samson had been promised by the current Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko that he would receive Ksh 300,000 to cater for his medical bills. As a result of the electrocution, Samson was hospitalized and leg amputated but promises of leaders pledging to help him out never happened.

Nairobi city county askaris and the fire department were forced to cut the chains in a mission to release Samson who had tied himself up.

In documents seen, it’s clear Samson underwent an MRI scan for spinal injury at the German Medical Centre upon referral from KNH but the promissory Ksh 300,000 from Mike Sonko is yet to reach him. Speaking to reporters at the scene, Waitha had two private schools but after the incident they got closed down as the medical bill had taken away all that he owned.

“Dying silently, dear beloved Deputy President William Ruto,assist me retain back my health after I was knocked down by electricity at the Jubilee headquarters during Jubilee election campaign’ ’

Read one of his placards.