A man from Kibugu Village in Embu has died after he decided to chop off his manhood with a pair of scissors. Apparently, Dominic Mugo was a long-term drug addict and according to neighbors he had expressed fears that no woman would desire to get married to him due to his violent and drug addicted life.

The fear and inability of not getting a woman is what led Mugo to chop his own manhood off. He was heard by neighbors on Monday at 7:00AM screaming for help. Those who rushed to his house found him unconscious lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival as he had lost a lot of blood.

According to Embu North Deputy County Commissioner, Thomas Tumo, a pair of his scissors was found in his hands. The villagers had called for a car that carried Mugo to Embu Level five hospital.

“It is true that the man chopped off his own manhood in wat seems to be a mental problem associated with his frequent drug abuse. The villagers said they were scared of the man as he had a history of being violent, ’

Said the commissioner.

The Deputy County Commissioner went on to say that investigations had been launched and were closely working with the public to arrest bhang peddlers in the region.

The deceased’s body was later moved to Gakwegori Funeral Home.