A church is a place of safety, peace and deliverance. Many people revere the men in the robes. Many believers attend church services for hope and restoration. Well some have found themselves in the trap of religious men.

Children have suffered for quite sometime. If taken to school, some have been impregnated and now it is even worse when a place of prayers becomes a den of lions where young ones are eaten.

A benevolent follower of Legio Maria was the latest prey. She got herself in the hands of a Bishop who has defiled her repeatedly. The Bishop who runs a rescue center in Korogocho has been accused of Paedophile.


More than 30 cases involving abuse by religious leaders have been reported in Nairobi. Most of those accused always walk to freedom. After every defilement case, the Bishop who is currently under police custody gives them Ksh.200 to curb accusations.

As you attend various religious worship centers, take note of your safety. What puzzles many is that a man eat man society is happening behind our watch. The government should look into these cases before our children lose their lives.