Man kills 24 year old after finding him with his primary school daughter

A Siaya man is currently in police custody after killing a 24-year-old for having a romantic relationship with his younger daughter.

The man John Odhiambo Juma decided to take the matter into his own hands and killed the 24-year-old Benson Onyango after finding them together with his younger daughter who is 16 years old.

The girl had been missing for a day and the father went on looking for her. According to news reports from, the girl was found at Sika beach in Bondo Sub County

Mageta location Chief Ambrose Ogema confirmed this ordeal and also revealed that after the boy was brutally beaten he was unconscious and died moments after due to the severe beating.

The 43-year-old man, John Odhiambo wanted to flee moments after he realized his actions but he was stopped by angry members of the public. This story adds to many of the stories of people being killed during this examination period.

Another similar story happened when a primary school girl was killed by her father because of spending the night at her boyfriend’s house. This was after the father wasn’t over the fact that she had scored 277 marks in KCPE.

We hope that this issue of people being killed will soon be addressed and dealt with.

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