beutiful Seems like we are turning into monsters . Monsters destroy anything good and make-believe that anything bad is good. “He saw that everything He created was good” from the skies to the dry land and the seas to the oceans below, all was good, magnificent and breath-taking. Additionally there is one thing he created last and gave it all good things that He saw fit for it. The bible records that he fashioned her (woman). Oh my! Oh my! She was made beautiful. Why then inject your body parts to make them look better? Apparently, the world has come up with the word ugly and it is even used to describe the same things that God says and will continue to say they are good. This is a strong word towards any human being as well as the word good. Ugly would crush your self-esteem while good will build yourself esteem. These two words represent two kingdoms at war.

The turn we ladies take is scaring. Having butt injections, breasts injection, heaps injections and not forgetting the plastic surgery we expose ourselves to. The west has brought a lot to us, both the bad and the good but it is like we embrace a lot of the bad because we think we are ugly. Or maybe it is the male sex that is putting all the pressure on the ladies. It’s that time we appreciate ourselves and love on ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, then you do all this stuff to yourself.