Manchester United are definitely pulling their weight to climb the standings on the EPL and last night’s win shows it.
Well, I caught the game at a local establishment- Eastlands people know what am talking about – to avoid local thugs… And by sheer luck… I got to witness all the goals.
Van persie was the  man to watch as he opened the scoring for his side after a mispass from the opposing side.
Pelee equalized for his side, which to me was a stupid mistake from the defenders who lacked control in the box.

23E328BB00000578-0-image-a-47_1418073968971But all hope was not lost for ManU.

Wayne Rooney completed a superb pass to Van Persie who did not hesitate to volley the ball straight into the net. The goal was too awesome!!

van persie goal
Well.. He was questioning the wrong player but… We get it…

van persie

Pics courtesy of Dailymail.