Make up has gradually morphed in to an art just like painting, music, dance and just like any of these art forms, make up continues to evolve every day. It has the ability to chance how you look completely or to simply bring out the best features of you face or body.

So we went from shiny lip gloss to lip balm to the very common signature lipstick to bright and shiny lip color like neon pink, purple, blue and even black to nude lipstick to matte lipstick and now…the new kind of lipstick is marble.

It certainly looks like a small abstract painting on one’s lips and is ideal for the runway or a costume party of any kind. Check out a few photos of what we found.

Doesn’t it almost look like army print?

Oooh the colour!

For bold lips…

…and even bolder chics.

Would you wear white lipstick?

Turquoise and pink blend so well

How artistic…


Would you wear marble lipstick? Give us your thoughts.