Former World number one Maria Sharapova returned to tennis earlier this week to mixed reactions from fans. Sharapova returned on Wednesday after completing her 15 month ban from Tennis for doping charges. She had tested positive for a banned substance a while back and is back to playing tennis.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova’s return did not fail to bring reactions from Tennis fans and players combined. The World Tennis Association (WTA) welcomed her back amid some harsh reactions from some tennis players. One in particular is Tennis pro Genie Bouchard. She had a lot to say on Sharapova’s return and spoke her mind. Bouchard, a Wimbeldon 2014 finalist, told that she thought Sharapova got off way too easy.

Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard was quoted as saying that she felt the decision to let Sharapova back into the game after her ban was a wrong move by the WTA. “She is a cheater, and according to me a cheater in any sport should not be allowed to play that sport again,” Bouchard said.

Bouchard also said that this move would only encourage cheating in sports because the culprits would always find a way back in. Genie Bouchard said that she does not look up to Sharapova anymore because of her doping scandal.