Kenya’s Italian based midfielder, McDonald Mariga, is now jobless as Parma FC has been dissolved for being bankrupt. The FC has not paid it’s players for the past six months although they have been attending practice all through. The Series A rules state that if a FC doesn’t pay it’s plays longer than two months it should be dissolved. Consequently, it Parma FC was dissolved on 23rd of February, 2015.

Mariga admits that he’d love to end his career when the right time comes but he’s not ready for now. Mariga told K24 television in a phone interview,

“We are having grave problems back home with parallel leagues order of the day. Unless things change for the better, I don’t see myself being part and parcel of this mess. We have seen world class players return to play in South African league after retiring from Europe but that cannot be the case in Kenya now because we are not organized,”

He was hoping it wouldn’t have come to this that’s why even without being paid he still attended practice. However he considered leaving it by the end of the season if it didn’t get a sponsor. Despite the scandal he will forever be grateful to Parma FC for helping him launch his career in Italy.
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