Marion Kisoso: The Beauty Queen From Kajiado County

Marion Kisoso is the former miss tourism Kajiado County. Her beauty and elegance can be read on how she carries herself. With great charm and enthusiasm in life, her mission is to change the face of the girl-child in the Maasai community of Kajiado County.

In an exclusive interview, Marion Kisoso, an electronic media major student at Daystar University, gave us a sneak peek into the glamorous world of modelling.

VARCITY: What is the secret to your beauty?

MARION: Being beautiful is not only the appearance but much of what is inside you. Working on your inside makes your outside more appealing.

VARCITY: Were you born and raised in Kajiado County?

MARION: I was born, raised and still reside in Kajiado county. It is one of my favorite places in the world.


VARCITY: Did you ever imagine that one day you will be a beauty queen?

MARION: Growing up, I didn’t know what being beautiful is. But as I got exposed to the worldly comments and compliments of my looks, I began embracing the fact that I do look good.

VARCITY: When and where did you bump into modelling?

MARION: After joining high school, friends teased me on how much of a model I looked and so I went on my first cat walk competition and I was crowned miss High School. That is when I realized that I can actually pull this off.

VARCITY: Were your parents supportive?

MARION: My mum was supportive but my dad was not into it at all. It was only when I was crowned Miss tourism Kajiado that he saw it as a good thing after all.


VARCITY: How did you handle all the attention after the crowning?

MARION: I didn’t look at it as attention, I basically appreciated it being as young as twenty. I saw it as an opportunity to learn the ups and downs that come with being a celebrity.

VARCITY: What did you learn from the Miss Tourism experience?

MARION: The experience has taught me to always stick to what you stand for and believing in yourself can make you move mountains. Recently, I was in Malaysia for the Miss Tourism queen of the year international competition and meeting the different people, helps you grow mentally.

Presenting our delegate from Kenya for the Miss Tourism Queen of The Year International 2015! #misstourismqueenoftheyear #dtouchintl #kenya

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VARCITY: What do you do to maintain your model body type?

MARION: I do a lot of jogging; I try to stay away from fast foods, and sugar. I enjoy sit-ups in the morning and in the evenings plus always practice my cat walk.

VARCITY: What can you not leave your room without?

MARION: Lip-stick, eye pencil, roll-on, tissue paper and a pair of heels because you might be invited somewhere classy hence the heels will come in-handy.

1916513_989100174466935_1831574186310325368_n (1)

VARCITY: What is your favorite color and why?

MARION: Red and black. Black because it can go with any other color and red because it reminds me of my Maasai culture and also makes me look young and fun.

VARSITY: Do you have any project under your wing?

MARION: After getting the Miss Tourism Kajiado title, I began a project dubbed the run to school and what we do in this program is ensure that the marginalized areas starting from Kajiado County have their girls getting access to sanitary towels. We hold marathons to raise funds that buy the sanitary towels.

Receiving sanitary pads at the Run to School Kajiado marathon
Receiving sanitary pads at the Run to School Kajiado marathon

VARCITY: Who do you look up to?

MARION: I like Cecilia Mwangi, who is the Former Miss Kenya. When she got the crown, she not only changed her life but the lives of those around her. And that is what I intend to grow into.

VARCITY: Any advice to those who might want to join the modelling industry?

MARION: If you really believe you can do it then you should look for opportunities that allow you to explore your talent.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Go after your dreams, or else you are only sleeping.

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